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Yeeeeah. If the spoilers that are coming out now are true, I’m not sure if I will bother with another season. It got silly ages ago, but that’s just ridiculous.

So I fixed the copy-paste error in my last fic chapter. Apparently I’m brilliant at life tonight.

Black Sheep (4/??)

Synopsis: Blaine is sent to a prison colony along with the world’s unwanted. Lost and alone in a setting he doesn’t belong in, survival is the main priority. When a handsome and reclusive stranger enters the picture, even his personal Hell might even be tolerable.

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Warnings (this chapter): Violence, Language

Rating: M

Chapter 3
Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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"I can’t believe you sucked me back into this show." -Mike

I always forget how much I want to slap Rachel during the whole Brody thing.

I think it was that fantastic baseball game, but I’m practically giddy sitting here on the couch.

Sanchez debut was great, come-from-behind win against the Red Sox. It’s actually just a wonderful evening.

My mood is way to dependent on the Blue Jays winning.

Watching Glee, Actually. I forgot the year they gave everyone happy endings and Kurt got a lot of awkward glances and cancer in the family.

OK, the Left-Behind Club made me happy after singing along to No Doubt.

Baaaah. Teenage Dream crushing me.

Mike: “Dude’s upset.”

Rewatching The Break-up might make me a mess. But still… Must. Watch.