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I was warned not to look at spoilers. So I looked at fucking spoilers.

Well it looks like I’m going to need to read an offensive amount of fanfiction to cheer me up.

Yeeeeah. If the spoilers that are coming out now are true, I’m not sure if I will bother with another season. It got silly ages ago, but that’s just ridiculous.

So I fixed the copy-paste error in my last fic chapter. Apparently I’m brilliant at life tonight.

Black Sheep (4/??)

Synopsis: Blaine is sent to a prison colony along with the world’s unwanted. Lost and alone in a setting he doesn’t belong in, survival is the main priority. When a handsome and reclusive stranger enters the picture, even his personal Hell might even be tolerable.

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Warnings (this chapter): Violence, Language

Rating: M

Chapter 3
Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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"I can’t believe you sucked me back into this show." -Mike

I always forget how much I want to slap Rachel during the whole Brody thing.

I think it was that fantastic baseball game, but I’m practically giddy sitting here on the couch.

Sanchez debut was great, come-from-behind win against the Red Sox. It’s actually just a wonderful evening.

My mood is way to dependent on the Blue Jays winning.

Watching Glee, Actually. I forgot the year they gave everyone happy endings and Kurt got a lot of awkward glances and cancer in the family.

OK, the Left-Behind Club made me happy after singing along to No Doubt.

Baaaah. Teenage Dream crushing me.

Mike: “Dude’s upset.”