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In Your Eyes - Prologue 1/??

Author’s Notes:

All right, haven’t done the writing thing in a while… But I had this idea in my head and kind of wanted to get it down. If it’s terrible, I apologize. It’s really been a long time since I wrote anything at all.


Klaine AU. A young teacher at Dalton Academy for Boys, Blaine Anderson loves his life. When a new student with a familiar face dredges up demons Blaine thought he had long since escaped, he tries to keep his present from falling apart while trying to make amends for the past.


This is not a happy story. Possible trigger warnings for bullying, inferences of suicide, violence, swearing, etc. These situations are pretty established from the very beginning. You have been warned.


R for now. Possibility of NC-17 in later chapters. Age difference.

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some kids!klaine uwu

This has to be the cutest thing ever.

some kids!klaine uwu

This has to be the cutest thing ever.

Start using tumblr, spend way too much time adjusting my theme (for it to still look awful).

Eventually I’m going to have to write some actual things. I’m thinking of basically making this a place for song inspired fics? Not sure.

Cat wants nothing to do with me until I have the laptop on my knee. Of course.

Raid cancelled once again. Two weeks without raiding, not sure what to do with my randomly free Sunday night. So now… Tumblr.

Also, apparently House is on Canadian Netflix. Well then.